What students are learning-
Grades 4,6, 8: do not meet
Grade 7: Internet research for college projects
Grade 5: Work on travel brochures in MS Publisher
Grades 2&3: Typing Web practice, vocab notes in MS Word/PowerPoint
Grades 1&K: Vocab review, Sumopaint.com activity


Week of 4/14-4/18

Spring Break - Happy Easter!

Week of 4/7-4/11

What students are learning:
Grade 8- does not meet
Grade 7- Internet research for College presentations
Grade 6- learn to create graphs and charts in Excel
Grade 5- Research a geographic location and create a brochure about it in MS Publisher
Grade 4- Create PowerPoints on endangered animals
Grades 2&3- Top and Bottom Row Keys on Typing Web and learn keyboard vocab
Grades K&1- review vocab and ABCya.com activities

Grade 6: Cloud Computing assignment in Edmodo
Grades 2&3: practice typing on TypingWeb.com

Week of 3/31-4/4

What students are learning:
Grade 8- Continue presenting African Nation Prezi projects
Grade 7- Continue internet research for College PowerPoints
Grade 6- Quiz on Excel Vocab, learn to enter data into spreadsheets
Grade 5- Create brochures in MS Publisher on a location researched using the internet
Grade 4- Take notes on Search Engines and Web Browsers, then begin PowerPoint project on endangered animals
Grades 2&3- Typing Web lessons on Top and Bottom Row Keys
Grades 1&K- Review vocabulary, activities on PBSkids.org


Week of 3/24-3/28

What students are learning-
Grade 8: Continue presenting African Nation Prezi presentations
Grade 7: Continue work on College presentations
Grade 6: Intro. to MS Excel and spreadsheets
Grade 5: Create brochures on geographic locations in MS Publisher
Grade 4: Create Typing Web accounts and review how to use the site
Grades 2&3: Finish Top and Bottom Row Key Lessons on Typing Web
Grades K&1: Review vocab on Smartboard, math and reading activities on ABCya.com