See You Next Year!

Have a safe and fun summer!

Week of 6/16-6/20

What we're doing on our fun last week of school-
Grades 6&4- Myth Busters
Grades 5&7- Nat Geo Special
Grade 3- Familiarize selves with new Chromebooks
Grades 8,K,2,1- do not meet

Our computer lab is almost entirely replaced! A big 'Thank You!' to the Fathers' Club for their generous donation toward St. James Technology to make this happen!

Week of 6/9-6/13

What students are learning...
Grade 8: does not meet
Grades 5,6,7: make-up work and extra credit 
Grade 4: Endangered Animal PowerPoints
Grade 3: Finish vocab PowerPoints
Grade 2: Write letters in Word to classroom teachers
Grades 1&K: math activities

Root for the NY Rangers!

Week of 6/2-6/6

What students are learning-
Grade 8: make-up day, turn in Prezi presentations
Grade 7: make-up day for all Edmodo work
Grade 6: make-up day for all Edmodo assignments
Grade 5: finish brochures and post to Edmodo, bonus assignment when done
Grade 4: work on Animal PowerPoint projects
Grade 3: vocab quiz, Typing activity when done
Grade 2: Google Earth activity
Grades 1&K: activity

middle school: turn in all missing/incomplete work
Grades 2&3: typing practice

Let's Go Rangers! We Want The Cup!

Week of 5/26-5/30

What students are learning-
Grades 4,6,8: do not meet
Grades 5,7: Blue Ribbon Testing
Grades 2,3: Typing web practice, vocab review for quiz
Grades K,1: CCSS aligned activities on

Grade 8: Using assignment on Edmodo
Grades 6-8: hand in cloud computing assignment on Edmodo
Grades 2,3: Typing web practice